Monday, January 5, 2015


Anyone out there ever try Shopkick?

I love this app!!!! I'm going to sound like a commercial, so bare with me! With this app you go to your favorite stores you already shop at like, Kroger, target, walmart, etc... and you earn FREE points for just walking in the store. At some stores you can earn extra points buy scanning products while shopping there. For example, I went to Walmart yesterday and earned 155 points for walking in there and scanning a few items! The points can be put toward earning FREE gift cards! (What, what?!) Right now I'm working to earn enough Game Stop gift cards to get my husband a new xbox since his stopped working. You can get cards to so many places like Target and Starbucks! I have a referral link. If you use my link you start off with 50 FREE points! 
➡️So go ahead and CLICK RIGHT HERE to get this awesome app!!! You will fall in love!!!
Thank you!!!

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